Title :

Hawaiian Healing

Author :

Libby Cole

Series :

Hawaiian Heartbreak, #2

Release date : November 19th 2015
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

Kayla came to Hawaii to heal her broken heart. Not to get it smashed all over again. Jay took over her mind and body, consumed her, and then he was gone.All she has left are the questions she can’t run from any longer. Can she survive without him? What’s more important, love, or the life she’s built at home? And why does it suddenly seem like Jay’s hiding something?

Review :
With Hawaiian Healing you get a book that directly picks up where we left in the end of the first book- which means that you really have to read the first book before you open yourself for book two.
But for the talented Libby Cole this is no hurdle as the way she begins the second book makes it so easy to re-connect with the story. A story that deals with Kayle and Jay who met each other on Hawaii. While Kayla originally just wanted this to be a distraction from her real life, she now realizes that it seems to be much more….. A chaos of feelings with which the reader directly gets confronted with-because this book is real and emotional. Much deeper than I thought it would be. You feel what is between them – definetly a fiery chemistry
I don´t know if it´s just me, but in my opinion there is so much more about the characters now. While the pace is perfectly synchronized with the up-comming emotions, you sit in front of the bookwhile thinking: “I need to know what happens at the end !”
An emotional roller-coaster ride wrapped in a very intense story-something you should ad to your TBR-pile….
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