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I am known under my “Pen-Name” Jeri Talia Ryan. I am a 46 year old recovering Reading addict (#kidding – usually when you see me I  always carry a book with me). I read english and german books, yet I prefer english and you better not ask why because that explanation might take “a moment”

Some years ago I started reviewing because I found myself depending on other persons reviews more and more before choosing to buy a book. So I thought I might help others too and here I am 7 years later and after reviewing “solo” and for other Blogs I finally found a home in my own Blog.

Anyway if you are interested in my thoughts about the books I read I would like to invite you to follow/subscribe this page


My Interests are, of course, Books, cats, more books, a good cup of tea, and did I mention… Books?!
I started reading when I was, like 10, with the Harry Potter-Saga. And since then I can’t keep my Nose out of a good book.

A great book for me is one that takes me on a crazy rollercoaster ride, where you don’t know if you still have a head after the ride. With a good story, a one where I can laugh, cry and think about it. Maybe even change my Point of View. That is a great book for me.

My Favorite Book genre are Contemporary romance, dark romance, new adult, historical romance.

When I’m not reading, you will find me watching Chicago P.D. or one of my all-time-fav movies The Lord of the Rings.
And I love everything pink. And sparkle. Every woman deserves some sparkling in their lifes.


The woman in the background that contributes constantly (without even knowing),  she really changed my view on BDSM, Panamera’s, railroad crossings, piercings and DumDum’s … – She is patient with my gramma and my constant need for more idioms AND and she always makes me want to quote Plato …

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. – Plato

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