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The last thing I was expecting to find when I crawl naked into bed at 1 AM is a scantily dressed woman already sleeping in it.



Once upon a time, I believed in happily ever after, but it was brutally ripped away from me, and I closed myself to the option of ever finding love again.

I don’t deserve a second chance at happiness, a notion I firmly held onto for eight years.

Until I met Lauren.



From a young age, I was taught to always avoid risks.

It’s what led me to waste ten years on a man who never really loved me and eventually took everything I worked hard to achieve.

But playing it safe is a notion I just can’t seem to let go of.

Until I met Michael.

One-Click: http://www.books2read.com/harmony-novel

BookBub: http://bit.ly/HarmonyBookBub


Kyra Fox is the pen name of a big city girl with a severe case of wanderlust whose hobby is planning non-touristy food-oriented world travels, married to her own perfectly imperfect man, and a Montessori mom to one sparkle loving ninja toddler.

A night owl to the core, I am extremely bad a sleeping and equally awful at waking up.

Bitter black coffee fuels my brain, Islay scotch fuels my soul, and all my stories start from the sex scenes.

Be sure to check out Kyra’s social media: https://smart.bio/kyrafoxauthor
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