Title : Heat
Author : Lis Lucassen
Series : N/A
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : Under a burning sun more than a thousand miles from home, Lynn Stevens is trying to get her life back on track and leave memories of that one fateful night behind. She meets Dan, a young man with strangely erratic behavior and smoldering brown eyes, who is on an involuntary vacation with his parents. In him, she sees her own struggle reflected every time she is starting to get too close.
Dan doesn’t like being touched. But when he sets out to uncover Lynn’s secret, it means he’ll have to tell her some secrets of his own.
Review : THIS was my fist Dutch based novel (at least as far as I know) and if my knowledge is right it was also the debut novel from this author.
Heat by Lis Lucassen is a wonderful novel about healing and doing “the right thing”. The story is written flawless and fluent (Even if I have to assume it had to be translated – I am always in struggle with translated novels because often you feel that something is not placed right)
Dan and Lynn are two lovable characters that have been written so deep that the reader feels for them during every step of their way. And I loved their witty discussions.
f I was to look for something that I did not like about the story than only one thing comes to my mind. I was wondering all the time during the reading why the author so carefully tried to avoid to give the Island a name ? I would have liked to have a name so I could relate to a certain setting for the surrounding.
I am wondering about one thing …Steve … Somehow it seems he should get his own story.. will he ???
Please let me recommend this wonderful read to everybody that likes deep emotions and great characters … ENJOY
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <
Cliffhanger : (KLICK to find out) !!!
HEA? : (KLICK to find out) !!!

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