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Avelyn Paige

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Evie Carter has faced trials and tribulations her entire life. Her teenage years have been ripped away from her as she battles cancer. Just when things can’t get any worse, her doctor delivers the news that it’s finally time to make a life or death decision. Her options are limited and come with deadly consequences. The miracle drug that is meant to save her life changes her on a cellular level. She might not be damaged anymore, but she might just be damned in her new life.

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With “Damaged” by Avelyn Paige I didn´t get what I expected. It took me quite some time to sort my thoughts and put them into into a logical review.

When I started reading the first pages of the book my thoughts were like ” How is this book supposed to fit to the cover which shows this woman in leather clothes, boots and this special kind of hair?” After this moment the drastical change came -for me pretty unexpected. After this you are confronted with a totally different genre – a genre which normally isn´t my cup of tea, but in this case surprised me….

I got a story including interesting characters whose past is a secret as you just kind of fall into the story which is set somewhere you don´t get to know much about-exept of a very detailed description of the surroundings which helps to imagine the setting. In combination with a very lifely writing-style, it´s easy to cennect with the story and characters in general.
I rated this book with 3.5 (4) Stars. So there have to be some reasons why it didn´t get the full 5 Star-review. For me there are some “too obvious” time leaps which at some points just tear you out of the story at a point during which you just started connecting with the scene. So you have to connect with it over and over again which is at the end worth it, but during reading a little bit disturbing.As a reader we also know that the characters all have their own head, that they make decicions you as a reader might not understand … So I understand that Evie is a special kind of “human” who also seems to be”especially special” as she has even better powers than others in the world of “Damaged”. But even then it would have been good to see her struggling more about the fact that she just isn´t allowed to live a life on her own, to make own decisions, to insiston her rights to get to know what is happening to her.
She falls into her new role in my opinion just too easily which is maybe the case because of her trust-worthy new partner who surprises her in more than one way(you will find out while reading). I thought about the points I mentioned and asked myself the question why I might feel this way. This debut novel has got around 135 pages which is rather short compared with other novels of this genre. I am sure that with more pages for the characters to fill, I would feel different about the mentioned aspects. My feelings also tell me that I am obviously interested in getting to know more about this story. So I would be happy to read a second book some day…!?
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