Title:A Secret Baby Romance
Author :Kaylee Song & Laura Belle Peters
Release date:April 4th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

I signed up for ten dates, not nine months. A baby was never part of the plan. When Wyatt Graves offers my family fifty-thousand dollars extra to buy a plot of land I can’t say no, even after I hear the catch. Ten dates, no strings, nothing physical, no promises. Sounds easy, right? Nothing is easy when he’s involved. I should’ve said no. I should’ve run far away. But it’s impossible to say no to a man like Wyatt… He’s an impossible man, a playboy, and the heir to a billionaire fortune. And he always gets what he wants. Except for the little part where he got me knocked-up. Each date brings me closer to a big payout, but can I keep the baby a secret for that long? Will he still be there when I finally tell him? This is a steamy, sweet, second chance romance, with comical situations and themes. It has an HEA, and includes a preview of Wed to the Bad Boy by Kaylee Song and Beastly by Laura Belle Peters.

Review :

Turning on my kindle this week I found a new book by Kaylee Song there. You can imagine my surprise because it only felt like a few weeks ago that I got her last book and read it – so I am honestly starting to think this author is writing nonstop.

I often enough now pointed out the talent of this author and again with this book she proved to be the just delivering that type of story that I would expect.
Or not ?
I directly dove into the story without consulting Amazon or Goodreads on the Blurb, because I was sure I would like it – how could I not – I mean HELLO?!? it is a book by Kaylee Song.
Still … while I read the book I felt something was different. The writing style was flawless as I expected – the characters were well developed so what was it that was nagging me.
After reading about 60% I could finally put a finger on it… this book is lighter than the usual Kaylee Song’s – I even dare to say it is funny …
Only after I finished – I noticed that there is a second author involved so in fact “Still Here: A Secret Baby Romance” is written by Laura Belle Peters AND Kaylee Song.
As I have never read anything by Ms. Peters I can only assume that this lighter feeling is due to her part in this book.
And actually (if so) those two authors work well together, because while the blurb might sound like something almost every frequent reader read at least once or twice before, it is just this lighter feeling about it that makes this book different.
I enjoyed this story and read it in on session.
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