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BLOG REVIEW : Lost in Time (The Fine Art of Deception #3) by Alyssa Richards


April 9, 2017


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Title :              Lost in Time

Author :           Alyssa Richards

Series :            The Fine Art of Deception #3

Release date :   November 28th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : Searching for the answers she needs, will Addie lose everything she has?Adeline “Addie” Montgomery is searching for the truth. As she and Blake travel back to 1922, she expects her nemesis Otto is behind a string of art forgeries. The only problem is that the villain has completely disappeared. Addie must now find Otto without blowing her cover to keep the past intact, as long as a lover from a past life doesn’t get in the way…Blake Greenwood wants nothing more than to catch Otto and return to the present with Addie, the love of his life. When his mother goes missing as well, he leaves Addie alone with his half-brother to save his family. As the future begins to change in unexpected ways, Blake and Addie begin to question everything. Can they find Otto and save their relationship before what they had disappears for good? Lost In Time is the third book in an absorbing series of paranormal romance time travel novels. If you like museum capers, psychic powers, and romance that’s both steamy and sweet, then you’ll love Alyssa Richards’ thrilling conclusion to the Fine Art of Deception Series. Buy Lost In Time to complete the enthralling journey today!


Review : Lost in Time (The Fine Art of Deception #3) by Alyssa Richards finally concludes the series with a “BANG”. Many series tend to drag themselves to their end when the author has exhausted all possible plotlines to early to fill the pages.


Then there are books like this … since the first pages from the first book the reader was pushed into a never ending twist and turn of events. The contemporary romance morphed into suspense, into mystery, into paranormal, into time travel.


There was never a dull moment and I regret that it comes to an end. But its best to get out while you are ahead and this story definitely is.


Each of the books seemed to have a focus on a certain genre and while for example the first book was mostly the mystery and the idea of suspense with a hint of paranormal – here in the third book I felt it was mostly the romance and the time travel.


I am not a fan of time travel – but the way it was used here – with the fact that the characters were already familiar to me – it worked for me. Including all plot twists and the way the relationship between Adeline and Blake developed it kept me engaged until the end.


I have to admit it was quite hard to get back into the swing of things because it has been more than 1,5 years since I read the first book. This really is a series that should be read back to back and now that all 3 parts are out – why not do it during your next holiday ?


I really loved all the characters and how all the different strings wove into a complete plot


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