Hopeless Vows by Rachael Duncan


January 14, 2017

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Title :              Hopeless Vows

Author :           Rachael Duncan

Series :            n/a

Release date :   February 2016




Blurb :

It was a modern take on an arranged marriage that was supposed to lead to my happily ever after.

The rules were simple:


1. Marry a complete stranger chosen for you by professionals.

2. Live together as man and wife for eight weeks while cameras record your every move.

3. Make a decision to stay together or get a divorce.


Call me crazy, but I had complete faith in the process, until I saw who was waiting for me at the end of the aisle.


Austin James has never met me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know him. With no other choice, I say my vows and pray I can make it through the next eight weeks. Then I’ll leave. What connects us is my best kept secret, and I’ll protect it at all costs even if that means walking away from the only person I’ve ever cared about.


Review : Hopeless Vows by Rachael Duncan completely devastated me. Which is actually strange because it only took my a short time and within the first chapters I already had a pretty good idea what was going on and usually that should have prevented the devastation to happen. But strangely enough it did not.


Some time ago I saw one of those reality shows on TV and I was thinking by myself in one of those angel/devil moments if it was crazy or actually not a bad idea. I could not decide at that time and I would have never thought about the simply fact of what might happen if there were a really pretty good reason for those two persons to not become married. A reason that nobody knew about


So the author found that reason and I admit it was because of the fact that from the early stages on I was quite sure about what had happened I was mesmerized and drawn into the plot. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop at any minute.


I disliked actually the moment when it happen  because given all the build up and tension that moment could not quite live up to it and felt a little flat to me. But the follow up made it OK again.


It was my first book by this author and I will certainly now have an eye on her and grab a book from her if the plot is again as intriguing as this one.


Well written !


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