Title : Rolling in the Deep
Author : Rebecca Rogers Maher
Series : N/A
Release date:Nov 10, 2015
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :Holly Ward is stretched to the breaking point, raising her young son alone and working long hours for minimum wage at a local superstore. Sure, she’s noticed the new guy with the easy grin and warm brown eyes, but she’s learned the hard way that relationships aren’t worth the pain. Still, when he invites her to split a lottery ticket, she figures a little innocent fun couldn’t hurt. The last thing she expects is to score big, which is exactly what happens . . . in more ways than one.From the moment he meets Holly, Ray Lopez is drawn to her quiet dignity and openhearted beauty. And when they hit the jackpot together, he’s thrilled that the single mom can give her kid a better life. The only problem is the chaos surrounding them: lawyers and reporters swarming, friends and family angling to get their cut. In all the chaos, Ray discovers an oasis of calm and passion in Holly. But with the stakes higher than ever, winning her trust could cost him everything.
Review :
One thing I always like to mention at the beginning of a short story -review is that : please don´t expect a fully developed story as it´s obvious that you can´t tell the reader as much as in a full-length novel. “Rolling in the Deep” is also a short-story which is in my opinion no disadvantage as there are no loose ends at the end. Short-storys often also have a different pace which is this case pretty fast as a lot of things happen which makes reading even more interesting! With short-stories there is almost always the need to just find out more about the story and characters. We still get a lot of information, but even then I wouldn´t mind to get more 😉
One aspect I also want to mention is that I love the characters! Both characters are special in an own kind of way which makes it interesting to discover more character traits. It´s nothing surprisingly new, but even then a good read!
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