Title : Evitable Destiny
Author :Izabela Monick
Series : N/A
Release date:July 12th 2015
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : Since Chris’s mother died when he was sixteen years old, he has lived for only one goal: seeking revenge on his mother’s ex-lover, Kevin. Determined not to repeat his mother’s mistake, Chris vows never to fall into love’s seductive, deceptive clutches. With Kevin’s business teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, Chris senses his chance. He kidnaps Kevin’s stepdaughter, Julia, and sets a ransom—if Kevin cancels a company-saving business deal, then Julia will be returned. The scheme seems perfect—until Chris’s long-suppressed feelings for Julia bubble to the surface. Julia, meanwhile, proves a resilient captive with a knack for pushing Chris’s buttons, even as her own feelings for her kidnapper become increasingly conflicted. As the passion between Chris and Julia heats up, other forces come into play. Chris isn’t the only one who wants Julia, nor is he the only one willing to abduct her to satisfy his needs. Julia’s life—and perhaps Chris’s only chance at love—are in danger. Will Chris fight for his happily ever after—or will he let destiny take its own path? A steamy tale of revenge, passion, and forgiveness, Evitable Destiny is author Izabela Monick’s powerful debut novel.
Disclaimer: This book contains graphic scenes with elements of rape and violence. Evitable Destiny is not intended for readers who are under 18 or are sensitive to those subjects.
Review : “
A steamy tale of revenge, passion, and forgiveness, Evitable Destiny is author Izabela Monick’s powerful debut novel.” That´s a sentence from the blurb which perfectly describes what you get with “Evitable Destiny”! All these things I really liked…. This is a book full of twists and surprising events that leave you sitting in front of the book thinking ” That didn´t happen, did it!?” It´s like roller-coaster ride which on the one hand makes you want to stand still for a second to catch your breath while at the same time thinking that you desperately want to know what will happen next…. And why you try to deal with the twists, you also get confronted with characters that definetly make it difficult to wrap your head around them-complex, deep characters. Something I really like about books….
Sounds like a sure 5-Star review, right!? In this case I decided to rate this book with 4 Stars as at some points there is even too much plot which makes it really difficult to let everything sink in. Sometimes it seemed like the author should have concentrated on some aspects more than on others….. But to end this review whith a positive aspect: I really liked the writing style. You never really now what you get with a new author who published a debut novel…. In this case I am positively surprised! So thanks for trusting us with this ARC!
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