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Ashley C. Harris

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Release date: 06th Oct. 2015
Rating : 4 Stars
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At the age of sixteen, Abby is undergoing major household changes. Her mom is getting ready to remarry and her new step-brother is driving her insane. She is just trying to keep herself busy with school and her part-time job when a most deliciously handsome stranger moves to her little seaside town and won’t leave her alone.New arrival Wilhelm is unlike any other student at Abby’s school. His emerald eyes and tattooed body don’t truly reveal what he really is: a creature emerged from thousands of miles underground, seeking revenge, treasure, and a key that once belonged to an old enemy – a key Abby wears suspended from a chain around her neck. Why she has it is a mystery that Wilhelm will need to solve, and fast, in order to defeat a powerful mortal adversary.As an attraction between Abby and Wilhelm develops, more creatures like Wilhelm are drawn from beneath the ground to Abby’s town; wreaking havoc as they offer Abby’s classmates the fulfillment of their deepest desires. Will Abby and her new family survive as a game of magical warfare is unleashed? Her ability to reverse Wilhelm’s bargain depends on it.

Review :

Troll by Ashley C. Harris is as brilliant as it is confusing and I had a hard time reading it. The different POV and the complexity of the storyline need your full attention. This Book is not your average read a few pages – and than pick it up some days later to read another few pages – kind of book. It needs to be read with full attention and as constantly as possible, otherwise you might loose your way amongst the characters and the plot. Also – again – I have to point out – that I do not appreciate it very much to only find out at the end that there will be a sequel as in … THIS IS TOTALLY NOT A STANDALONE novel… I was left out hanging far too often by authors who still keep me waiting for sequels that I read the first parts of years ago. Leaving those points aside and coming back to the story I have to say that it is one of the most intriguing story’s in that line of plot I have read in a long time. The writing is is complex and well developed and I am sure that there will be many lovers for this book. The reader is introduced to a world of trolls that I believe has not been shown to any readers in that way and there is just enough mystery in this book to keep the reader constantly interested. And yes … of cause this book will be on my “waiting for the sequels” pile and I hope it will not take that long for the next book to come out …..

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