Title :

Destined Heart

Author :

Ann Stewart , Stephanie Nash

Series :

Hart #3

Release date : August 25th 2015
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

Elyssa Hart has tried to forget that frightful night during her freshman year of college. Since then it’s been hard to let anyone close, which is why she only has one friend near and dear to her heart. Forsaking all others, she lives a silent, lonely existence. That was until she jumped into the next chapter of her life; Sales Executive at the prestigious Salerno Health, Inc. The moment she met the always calm and collected Alexander James, her life was set on a new path. One moment she’s slowly falling in love and the next she’s plummeting painfully to the ground with the realization that you don’t marry your dirty little secret; you keep her in the closet. That was, until she found out she was not his only kept secret. Will the enigma of Mr. James be more than Elyssa can handle? Or will she choose him, like she promised she always would.

Review :

You have to read many bad Books just to get to the some that feel OK to you – and to find those that really move you is a daunting task.

I read many books that I have been requested to read, either by publishers or by authors and even if most of them are good or even terrific – there is a slight difference between a book that you have been requested to read and one you choose for yourself at a certain time.
Choosing a book is always a mood thing and last week my mood was somehow set on something in the line of “If you read xxx – This will be your next book”.
I found my series when I stumbled across the “Hart” series by Ann Stewart.
Chosen Heart (Hart, #1)
Shattered Heart (Hart, #2)
Destined Heart (Hart, #3)
Several years back when I read #50 shades a lot of books were published that had to live up to the comparison to this book and only few survived this comparison if I would be the judge and jury.
In all honesty – there better books out there that COULD be compared to 50shades but are in fact much better so such a comparison would not do them justice This book series is one of them.
Without going into details I would like to recommend this series with the following line.
If you liked #50 shades of grey – if you read #crossfire and are in love with #JesseWard – you will LOVE this series …
and if by the slight chance you have no idea what/who I am talking about ? …well then I am not sure if you will survive the “experience” of meeting Alexander
Are you ready to try ?
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