Title :

Crewel Work

Author :

Natalie Alder

Series :

Tapestry #1

Release date : October 11th 2014
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

A successful race horse farm’s trainer is key and William Becker was going to make certain that losing that key neither in the wake of a broken heart involving his daughter nor the sinister acts of another employee was not going to happen to his farm, his legacy.J.P. Ryan came from little and was left alone in the world at a vulnerable age. The offer to apprentice as a trainer for a prestigious race horse farm had been a fortunate opportunity. But when a jealous barn hand turns sinister and J.P.’s faced with the choice to risk throwing away four years of apprenticing, a place to live and daily meals over his boss’ seventeen year old daughter or to forget about her, the beautiful, sweet girl he wanted, J.P.’s dream job became cruel work.

Review :
This is one of these stories you just can´t stop swooning about. Why? Because it is sweep like sugar, telling you about a girl who falls head over heels in lovefor the very first time…. It is one of these books that you easily could imagine on a big screen with young girls sitting in front of it while enjoying a very good movie. Good because it´s based on a book that definetly is good! I loved the messages hidden behind this story, the way the characters interact, the way they make decisions, the way they deal wih the things coming into their way….

Western books are not really my thing , but how could I stand this well-written story? So take a look yourself and meet J.P. and Audra.

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