Title : A Kindled Winter
Author : Rachel L. Demeter
Series : N/A
Release date:November 1st 2015
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : A week before Christmas, Jeseca Reed sets off for Blue River, Oregon—her childhood home and a vault of tender memories. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when she’s left stranded in the mountains’ vast, untamed wilderness. Desperate and alone, she seeks shelter at a cottage and finds herself in the arms of a mysterious stranger.Dr. David Drake was once a renowned cardiovascular surgeon. But a devastating tragedy has left him scarred both inside and out, unable to use his hands to operate again. For the past five years, his Blue River cottage has been his sole escape—a safe haven where he can shut out the world, bury himself in his grief, and reunite with his son’s memory.Together they are summer and winter. Fire and ice. And yet a poignant connection forms between them. Jeseca awakens David and thaws his heart with a romance hot enough to melt snow. But before David and Jeseca can fully embrace each other, they must wade through darkness and confront the ghosts of their pasts …Equal parts steamy and heartfelt, A Kindled Winter brings the spirit of the holidays to life with a passionate story of second chances and healing love.
Review :
With “A Kindled Winter” by Rachel Demeter, you become part of a story that embraces you with the typical emotions of a snowy winter while at the same time confronting you with a deeply emotional story. A story that surprised me in more than one way. This book tells you about Jeseca who is left stranded in the middle of nowwhere. Nowwhere which includes a cottage in which the male protagonist David is “living”. Living actually isn´t the right word as it more seems like he is physically existing while his soul left his body the moment his son died during an tragic accident years ago. Because of the circumstances they are forced to live together which is the beginning of an emotional story.

They really are like fire and ice, something which can also be seen while observing the change they make throughout the course of action. The story-line can be good(which is the case here), but even more important are characters the readership can connect with. The change of the POV is perfect to understand both characters a little bit better as it shows you how different they think . You are sitting in front of the book while desperately waiting for a happy end which both broken characters definetly deserve. They way Rachel tells their story while at the same time wrapping it into a wonderful writing-style literally makes you part of the story which is a very special talent.

“Equal parts steamy and heartfelt, A Kindled Winter brings the spirit of the holidays to life with a passionate story of second chances and healing love.” This is the last sentence of the blurb, in my opinion the perfect summary for this deeply emotional book! It has everything: grief, sadness, serious scenes, funny scenes, …. Everything a good book needs!
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