Title : If You Believe in Me
Author : Natalie J. Damschroder
Series : N/A
Release date:Dec 17, 2012
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :If You Believe in Me by Natalie J. DamschroderThree years ago, Amber Benedict fell in love with Kale Riker and pledged to wait for him to return from the military. Even though she rarely hears from him, she’s steadfast in her belief: he’s coming home to her, and soon. Then the government tells Kale’s family that he’s missing in action, and they have given him up for dead.Kale Riker has been away from civilization and Amber for three long years. He’s been promised he can retire his commission when he completes his current mission, but now he’s seriously wounded and facing a long recovery. Worse still, security risks force a communications blackout, leaving him no way to let Amber know he’s alive.Can Amber hold out against an entire town pushing her to give up on love while Kale fights to get back home to her before Christmas?
Review :Yes – I know – I admitted often enough that I have a problem with short story’s but the plot of If You Believe in Me by Natalie J. Damschroder intrigued me sooo much I could not stop myself from reading it. And ? well… I was surprised – It was perfect … Well clearly I will find something to complain – but in this case my complain is only … WHY did the author not extend the story to a full length novel ? It has everything it needs for it. But looking as it is right now – it is a short sweet maybe a little “cliché” containing story, that is sweet and perfect for the upcoming Christmas holidays … it will leave the readers with a *sigh* on their lips I am sure. I think the magic explanation for WHY this short story works where so many others fail is, the author is not trying to hard. She just drops the readers right in the middle of Amber’s life and lets them figure out the rest. There is not too much background information just enough to keep the context running and it works perfectly in this setting. And this definitely convinced me to take a look in other novels of this author as I want to see how she will work with a full length novel
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