Title : Faith
Author : Elizabeth Hayes
Series : Hades Angels #1
Release date: Sep

1, 2015

Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :My life changed in an instant when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was only eighteen, and suddenly my once clear path was racing a hundred miles an hour out of control. I was in the driver’s seat, but completely unable to steer my life back on course. I lost friends and didn’t bother to make new ones. I refused to let anyone in… When the doctor uttered the word “remission,” my path changed yet again. That new path led somewhere I never expected—somewhere most people would look down on—but it’s where I finally found myself, and where nobody treated me like a piece of fragile glass. It’s also where I learned other people had scars to hide. This is the story of how I met…him. This is the story of how I became Faith.

Review :

“Faith” is the first book of the Hades Angels series. In this book you meet the 21-year old Faith who was diagnosed with cancer. Something which influences her whole life. For so long until she decided that she needs a change. Like right now. This is the moment she finds distraction in dancing in a men club. There she meets somebody….Somebody who is not the way Faith (or Laura) expects him to be. After reading the blurb I was exited to find out how the author wrapped this story into such a short book. I really enjoyed “Faith” . Laura is such a strong and special character, one you just need to love. In general the way the characters get introduced is very nice as in a book so short like this one, it´s difficult to built up a connection.
The short length of this book is a bigger problem regarding to the logical development of the story. If you thing objectively about the reason for her starting to dance at the club, her reasons seem to be logical. I just could´t feel them. It happenend in such a rush which made it difficult to actually believe in this very awesome story with a nice plot-line. But because of this and a very scenic writing-style(too much description of the daily routine), the pace of the story unneccesarily slowed down .
Laura and Bryan definetly deserve more pages to tell their story as at the end of book one , there are still too many loose ends. All in all a nice story.
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