Title :


Author :

Sarah Fine

Series :

Fated of Servants, #3

Rating :

4 Stars

Blurb :

Aislin Ferry and Jason Moros have only days until they will be called to account before the Keepers of the Afterlife. Yet as they race to restore order and make their case, their worlds fall into total disarray.Mutiny within the fractured Ferry family threatens Aislin’s hold on power and role as Charon. Meanwhile, the fearsome Lord of the Kere has family trouble of his own. Someone is unraveling the fabric of fate, and Moros suspects one of his supernatural siblings is behind the terrible bid to unleash Chaos.Now unlikely allies, Aislin and Moros each need the other to escape the wrath of the Keepers. As the stakes rise, it becomes clear that protecting their respective empires is not the endgame. With the fate of all humanity dangling by a thread, Aislin and Moros must surrender completely to one another if they are to fight their common enemy. And as time runs out, someone must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Review :

It seems that the “dystopian” view on the world really is one of the few book style (together with historic novels) that I have to be very careful in choosing. I just finished Sarah Fine’s “Servants of Fate” books – Marked, Claimed and Fated. Drawn in by the interesting plot I started reading but felt it hard to connect to the characters. While the writing is good and flawless, I somehow could not understand certain parts of this world that Ms. Fines drew for the readers. I am not sure what the reason is that it is easy for me to follow a book with a paranormal creature in a contemporary setting , yet so very hard to imagine anything in a dystopian setting.Still the plot kept me going and finishing and Fans of Dystopian worlds will surely truly love this book I believe. So please do not hesitate to read this book if you’re a Fan as the writing and storyline is very good.

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