Title :

Write To Me

Author :

Nona Raines

Series :


Rating :

3 Stars

Blurb :

Gloria Navarro met and married her soul mate. When he died, she felt she’d never know that kind of love again. But when she finds a love letter between the pages of a book and the man who wrote the missive, she starts to believe lightning might strike twice.To Bryan Dunn, love is a four-letter word. He doesn’t go in for cheap sentiment or hearts-and-flowers. But he wants Gloria, and to get her, he’ll let her believe he wrote the silly letter. The longer he’s with her, though, the more he cares. If she discovers the truth about him, it just might break the heart he never thought he had.

Review :

I am still not sure how to judge “Write To Me” by Nona Raines. I guess I liked and disliked it equally. While the writing and the plot idea basically were good, the novel itself felt to short and therefore the love appeared to be “Insta-love” to which I seem to have become allergic. I need more from a novel to actually feel something. On the Other hand again there were enough twists in the story to keep it interesting.So I believe depending on your focus when reading a story you will enjoy this book or dislike it. Therefore it is hard to give a general recommendation. For me it was a solid 3 Stars

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