Title : Bound
Author : Jacquelyn Frank
Series : Immortal Brothers #3
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : After being chained to a star to burn endlessly as punishment for stealing immortality from the gods, Jaykun has been unshackled to wage war alongside his brothers. But his freedom comes with a price: Each night Jaykun must still suffer—his body burning from the inside out. One early morning, recovering from his torment, he encounters a beautiful stranger on the beach. Naked from her midnight-black hair to her sandy toes, she approaches him with starry-eyed innocence and the unmistakably full body of a woman. Soon Jaykun is swept up with the force of a comet, his desire for this woman hotter than any sun. His brothers fear he is blinded by her radiant beauty, and that she has been sent by their enemies to seduce and destroy him. Jileana is indeed from another world—one Jaykun cannot begin to imagine. But will their passion burn brightly enough to light the way through the darkness that threatens to consume all in its path?
Review : With Bound by Sin (Immortal Brothers #3) Jacquelyn Frank did again. So far she is the only author whose books I am willing to read even if they feel more paranormal/historical than simply paranormal. And believe me I do NOT DO historical – never – well sort of.I did not read the first two in this series – but I know other books written by her and each and every one was beautifully developed like this one. This novel can be read comfortably as a standalone if the reader wishes. Her writing is unique – flawless – fluent – developed – she really can “sell” any kind of dream to you (yeah almost quoting a favorite song of mine here ‘cause it fits)I am not sure what I should say about this book that does not give away too much of its content. Please enjoy this book even if you are normally not into the “non contemporary” stuff. If you like paranormal – you will feel good with this one.
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <

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