Title : Tall, Dark and Immortal
Author : Cat Devon
Series : Entity #4
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :HE’S TAKING A BITE OUT OF CRIME.Alex Sanchez is more than just an ordinary detective. He’s on the prowl—as a vampire. Alex uses his unique gifts to police the mean streets of Chicago like a natural predator. But when he learns that local blood banks are being robbed, he’s not sure what rattles him more: the bizarre crime wave or the stunningly beautiful journalist who’s reporting it…SHE’S RISKING HER NECK FOR A STORY.Keira Turner is dedicated to her job—and determined to uncover the truth. Dangerously, out-of-this-world handsome Detective Sanchez seems oddly fascinated by the crimes—and obsessed with Keira. Alex might not have a clue who’s stealing blood but he’s sure of one thing: Keira is no mere mortal. She’s descended from a long line of vampire hunters. And if they try to solve this case together, he’ll have to fight the urge to kiss her…or kill her.
Review :When requesting an ARC usually I do not check if it is part of a series… unless it is mentioned within the information’s delivered with the Book I will not know about it until I leave my feedback somewhere OR like in the case of Tall, Dark and Immortal by Cat Devon… I feel compelled to check if it is part of a series. I am still struggling to find my words for this book.
Let me start by saying
-You should not try to read it as a standalone … it might work judging only the story but the writing style will not let you really enjoy what your reading without knowing what happened in the past.
Further I am still wondering how to classify what I just read ?
-Was it a paranormal romance ?
-Was it a paranormal comedy with romantic touch ?
I have honestly no Idea .. .before I sat down to start my review – I checked what others said about the first book in the series and what I read left me wondering if something happened in between the first books and this one… I guess I will take a look at the first book too, to find out if this was only an issue for this book, but I really felt strange reading this book. I could not really connect to the characters… the leads were likable enough but something was wrong.
I understood the basic idea of this “InstaLove” because of being “the one” but there were too many things going on around them that did not make any sense. But really the biggest (sorry) joke was the “bad guy” … I mean … every time a chapter with him started it felt not only the cliché vampire – no I felt like stepping into a 1980’s Italian mafia movie… And honestly – I think in the end HE actually killed more of his own bad guys than the good guys did – and his dialogues felt like a comedy – I was wondering the whole time if that was on purpose ?
This alone will make me pick up on another book of this series – I really need to know. Because actually the story was GOOD… yeah – I know hard to believe I think that – after reading what I just wrote.. I know…But maybe my problems really only result from the fact that I do not know the series so – hence my warning – do not read it as a standalone…
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <

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