Title :

Inevitable Circumstances

Author :

S.R. Grey

Series :

Inevitability #2

Rating :

3 Stars

Blurb :

My name is Essa Brant, and I’ve just made the biggest mistake of my life. By trusting someone I shouldn’t, by forgetting I’m in love with a dangerous man with many enemies, I now find myself caught up in some very dire circumstances. I’m learning, though, that when all is lost, there is still something you can hold on to: hope. Well, I’m holding tight with my last and final hope that Farren will save me.

~~~~~ My name is Farren Shaw, and when I discover the woman I love has been abducted I am ready to go to any lengths to save her. I will kill and destroy for Essa. After all, it’s not like I haven’t done these things before. Only problem is, when I do find Essa and finally tell her all the things I’ve been keeping from her, will she still want me?
Review :

I am reviewing Inevitable Detour & Inevitable Circumstances by S.R. Grey together as they belong together and I read them directly after each other. I am absolutely at a loss how to rate those books though.

This is a “first” to me that I have two totally interesting characters that are fully developed but were placed in a story that had more holes than a Swiss cheese and where almost nothing added up. Essa and Farren were interesting characters for sure and also the secondary characters were quite good.
But after an interesting start into the story suddenly it felt like a potpourri out of all favorite films of the author. But all of them only felt like they had only been touched on their surface and not followed through.
While I liked the developing relationship between Essa and Farren – I totally disliked this seemingly aimless road trip because in the End – even if armed up to his teeth other than some shooting training for Essa and a little side action, the reader did not participate into any action that was sort of promised.
The action always happened alongside the main characters. Or it was introduced with a big bang just do disappear into nothingness. And don’t let me start on this poison issue … I am still trying to figure out whatever the reason their was to add that onto the mix with this totally (sorry for being blunt) ridiculous antidote ?
I felt like it was a trial on how many different components of suspense you could add into a novel without a single one of them really pulling it off.Well – geez you won – but lost me somewhere along the line – as I found myself only skimming through the last part of the second book just to end my suffering.
Basically this is 2 Stars if I consider the story only but Essa and Farren were really likable in a way that I wished I could have taken them out of this story and placed somewhere nice… so I add another star just for them.
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