Title :

Controlled Burn

Author :

Nikki Duncan

Series :

Scarred Hearts

Rating :

4 Stars

Blurb :

Hardened by scars. Softened by heart. Melded by fire.Scarred Hearts, Book 1Petite in stature but not in attitude, Delancey Winston put her fellow firefighters’ doubts to rest when she carried a half-burned man out of an arson fire. But she can’t shake the need to learn more about the haunting power of the man in her dreams—the one she pulled from a dead woman’s side to save.Even more disturbing is the power of newly awakened memories she’s tried to bury.Logan Mathis lost more than his accounting firm that day. He lost his beloved sister, his only remaining family. Now, his days filled with painful skin grafts and therapy, he works to avoid people. Until he runs into the woman who saved his life, who seems to see beyond his scars.Slowly, Delancey’s generosity of spirit begins healing Logan from the inside. But their connection resurrects memories Logan would rather forget. Memories that could make Logan a target of someone who’s still trying to burn away his tracks.Warning: The damsel saves the dude, and that’s not a spoiler. It’s a clue that things are about to get hot. Really hot.

Review :

In the beginning the pace of “Controlled Burn” by Nikki Duncan seemed almost too slow for me. However, later I realized that the author needed that slow pace to create a deeper atmosphere for the characters.

But it took me almost 50 % of the book to understand this point, so I would totally understand it if fellow readers thought the pace is not fast enough for the story itself, you need to be patient and read further.
Delancey and Logan are interesting characters. I liked the way the author showed their emotional side. It was an interesting point of view for Delancey to be a real female lead in a romance novel.
Even if the secondary characters were not created with much depth they worked out in this story as it really only focuses on the leads. Logan’s sister was another interesting touch – If I would have to vote – she would be my favorite secondary lead.
In total the whole writing felt like an older more traditional romance novel. I cannot describe the reasons why I feel like that it’s just – If you told me this story was first written in 1990 I would totally believe it. Not that this would have been bad in any way, I just noticed that the writing was quite different from what I came across lately.
I can fully recommend this book to lovers of a more traditional approach to romance novels.
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