Title :

Tamed by the Outlaw

Author :

Michelle Sharp

Series :


Rating :

3 Stars

Blurb :

Grayson’s finally taken the reins of his family’s publishing business, and he’s determined to sell off the romance division. But Jessie Jameson’s contract is complicating things. It’s like she’s been trying to ruin him ever since the mind-blowing night they shared—the night she walked out on him.Now the sparks are flying. Heated, sexy sparks. It’s a Wild West showdown between Jessie and Grayson. But when Romance ends up in bed with Business, only one can walk away…

Review :

“Tamed By The Outlaw” by Michelle Sharp was a solid read. The characters were interesting enough for me to be interested and the writing was flawless and at a good pace. But I struggled with their sudden attraction towards each other. Sure they had this one night stand a long time ago but for me it felt like this was all there was between them. I could not feel “love” developing between them so I had a problem in relating to them. But this might only be my personal issue and it should nobody keep away from this book. It is a recommendable novel that I hope many people will enjoy.

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