Title :

Pressure Point

Author :

Olivia Luck

Series :

Point series (can be read as a standalone)

Rating :



Blurb :

I know what you’re thinking. It’s unconventional to want a man nine years older than you. It’s inconvenient to crush on your dearest friend’s older brother. It’s silly to pine after a man for six years. It’s cliché to lust after a celebrity. It’s pathetic to fall in love with a man who barely knows you exist.I know what you’re thinking because I’ve thought it all, too. And yet that hasn’t stopped me from wanting Blake Campbell. Charming, gorgeous, brilliant, kind, selfless – Blake is everything I’ve ever wanted, but he doesn’t see me that way. In fact, he hardly noticed me until one night.Traumatic events brought us together for the first time, but then he tossed me aside. I know it’s irrational, but I wanted him up until the moment he left me lying there alone. When his eyes finally open and he finds out I’ve left, will it be too late?

Review :
With “Pressure Point” by Olivia Luck, you get a beautiful written story about two awesome characters you just need to fall in love with! When I started reading this book, I was exited to see whic direction it’s going. I just couldn’t stop myself from reading as this book took me in so much, because I needed to see how their relationship is going to develop. This standalone is not only about love, about a romantical relationship. There is heart ache and disppointment, but also a positive side of the story which lets you smile from time to time. This is what I would call “the perfect book to just sink your teeth into while laying in bde or sitting on the sofa with something nice to drink”. This story feels real and lively. Good. So thanks for giving us the chance to review this book, Olivia Luck!
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