Title :

Gamma Rift

Author :

Kalli Lanford

Series :

The Trans-Galactic Insurrection Series

Rating :

5 Stars

Blurb :

I may be a Prince, but there are things that trouble me about my father’s royal rule—the forced abduction, experimentation, and torture of alien creatures. The king has a new prisoner who’s a carefully kept secret…There’s a young female who belongs to a little-known civilization I have been studying extensively. They are human, belonging to a small, undeveloped planet called Earth. She is pretty in a way I find unusual and compelling. Sometimes I sneak into the adjoining cell and we talk about everything and nothing, even as I find myself yearning to touch her strange, soft skin.Skin that is being subjected to invasive tests and experiments. A body that’s scheduled for a live dissection in fifteen days. And a life that will be terminated unless I risk my future and life to help her escape…

Review :

“Gamma Rift” by Kalli Lanford was a huge surprise to me. It seems to be the start of a new series and I am not sure if it is a debut novel or if this is an author just writing under a new pen name. IF this is a debut novel I have to admit I am totally blown away by this really well developed writing style. Even if some parts of the storyline itself are predictable and remind me of other novels I read, the reader is still drawn totally into it from the first page, as there enough new and fresh elements added to it. I kind of got an idea how it was going to work out fast – that I have to admit – but this is not always a bad thing. In this case it let me simply lean back and enjoy the ride as I saw the things develop the way I envisioned them. And the story already gave me a few ideas on how this could be turning out into a series. I will be looking forward into reading more from this author and this series. As I need an answer to the question that has been on my mind since finishing – no spoilers but “will there be hair in near future ?” #laughing

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