Title : London From My Window
Author :Mary Carter
Series :N/A
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :Ava Wilder’s home in small-town Iowa is her sanctuary. A talented sketch artist with severe agoraphobia, Ava spends her days drawing a far more adventurous life than her invisible disability allows. Until she receives a package from London, explaining that she has inherited her Aunt Beverly’s entire estate—on condition that she lives in Bev’s West End flat for a year.Once overseas, Ava wonders if she’s simply swapped one prison for another.
The streets and shops are intimidating, and Bev’s home appears to be a drop-in center for local eccentrics. Worst of all, Bev left a list of impossible provisos to be overseen by her quirky, attractive solicitor. Ava is expected to go out—to experience clubs, pubs, and culture; to visit Big Ben, Hyde Park, and the London Eye.
After years of viewing the world through a pane of glass, she’s at the messy, complicated center of it. As exhilarated as she is terrified, will she be able to step up, step out, and claim the life she was meant for?In an insightful, poignant novel, Mary Carter delves deep into self-discovery and the meaning of courage, exploring the fears that serve to protect us—until life calls us to connect at last.
Review :Even if I have (thankfully) nor real life experience with agoraphobia like the main character in London from My Windows by Mary Carter, I still know quite a lot about hidden diseases. They leave people with a kind of “mark” giving them the feeling of being crazy in the eyes of others – additionally to the original struggles they have with their disease they also have to fight more often than not their surroundings just to simply believe them. This book tells us in a very sensitive way the world through the eyes of a “victim” and maybe this could help people understand what a daily struggle a person has to live through to accomplish the simplest task. As an outsider to this disease, I will never dare question the severity of any symptoms and I can only say that I felt the author found a approachable way to bring it near to the readers. The book paints a vivid image of London and the story flows at a steady pace, please enjoy this overall well written book.
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <

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