Title : Playing with Fire
Author : Lexi Ryan
Series : N/A
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : Dr. Phoenix Reid isn’t who she seems…Everyone knows a phoenix rises from the ashes. What they don’t talk about are the people she drags with her into the fire.I thought one hot night with Max Hallowell was harmless. I never expected it would force me to face my past or bring back the man who swore he’d never let me go. Now Max wants to help me. Wants to save me. But if I let him, he’ll be destroyed. I can already smell the flames.A woman with a secret past. A man determined to protect her. A dangerous passion that could cost them both everything.
Review : Lexi Ryan is an author with sooooo much talent! The way she tells the stories of her characters is very unique and never fails transporting the right kind of feelings. This was also the case with this book. In combination with the emotional and touching characters, reading this book did a lot of things to me…. Sometimes it’s very difficult to describe why a book touches you the way it does which I also can’t really do with this book. There is this special way the story is told…the story of characters who deserved a stand alone. So everbody who reads this book or everybody who is going to read it- be prepared!!
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <

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