Title : Trusting the Boss
Author : Mallory Crowe
Series : Billionaires in the City #4
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : Billionaire heiress Emma Devaroux has been living a safe-yet-mundane existence in Georgia for too long, but when she learns her sister, Joslyn, has been arrested, she heads to New York City to find out what really happened. Unfortunately, as an unemployed debutante, she’s not exactly qualified to be leading an investigation. But help is at hand in the form of the handsome, former military man Jace Lance who happens to be the one who got her sister arrested in the first place. Jace thinks Emma is crazy for even considering working with him since he’s the one who stopped Joslyn from killing his former client. However, he can’t deny that the sexy southerner is in over her head when her tycoon cousins try to hire him to make sure Emma doesn’t find out the truth about what really caused her sister’s murderous actions. As they begin to uncover the truth together –and get to know each other intimately – it becomes clear that the more answers they get, the more danger Emma is in. Jace is determined to protect her, but how can he keep her safe when her whole family is in on the conspiracy?
Review : Like the other books of the series, this one was as well surprising and refreshing! It was not only easy to actually “feel” the protagonists, but also very exiting to see how the story develops. Moreover I really liked the way the story went on as the pace never was slowing down so much that I was bored. An emotional book with a touching story! The only thing I would criticize is the fact that sometimes there are things unsaid or not enough explained. But even then you just should give it a try and take a look!
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <

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