Title : Tempting the Boss
Author : Mallory Cross
Series : Billionaires in the City, #3 (Can be read as a stand-alone)
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : As the CEO of a multi-billion dollar retail chain, Victoria Green isn’t used to asking for help, especially not from too attractive for their own good repairmen like Dean Carey. After Victoria is attacked at her own party and Dean fights off the culprit, she’s forced to tell him her secret: Victoria’s father is on his deathbed, and her brother, who nearly ran the company into the ground, might be willing to do anything to make sure controlling interest goes to him. Dean wants nothing to do with the ice princess CEO, even if he can’t keep his eyes off certain… assets of hers. He’s got enough on his plate between trying to get enough work to pay the bills and raising his little sister who’s growing up much too fast for his liking. Despite his misgivings, when Victoria offers him a blank check if he will keep his mouth shut about what he saw and shadow her until she can hire a more qualified bodyguard, he can’t bring himself to turn down that kind of cash. Over the next few days, Dean learns Victoria isn’t as cold as he first thought and Victoria realizes that Dean is so much more than a handyman. But someone wants her dead and if they don’t figure out who and stop them, they might never get their happily ever after.
Review :After finding out that the CEO in this book is female, I was even more exited to find out how this story is going to develop.
I really like the way the main characters are presented – it is not only something totally surprising as it is kind of a role change compared with other books of this genre. It was also great to get to know them as they are described in a really visual way. It´s obvious how much the author tried to create something different,something we haven´t already seen.This is what she did! But also, there has to be a reason why we rated this book with only 4 Stars. There are some situations filled with not easily believeable actions and decisions which made me question some scenes.
At the end the only thing left to say is that if you need something “different” you should take a look at this book!
> I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <

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