Title : All It Takes
Author : Sadie Munroe
Series : N/A
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : Nineteen-year-old Star Collins never intended to return to her hometown, Avenue. That part of her life ended when she was nine years old, and child services took her away from her hoarder mother. Her mother chose her stuff over her daughter. That part of her life was supposed to be in the past. But her mother has just passed away and Star finds herself giving up her summer to quietly clean out her old home. She just wants to sell it and move on with her life. However, things aren’t going the way she planned. With her dyed-black hair and tattoos, she’s attracting almost as much attention from the small town residents as Ash Winthrope, the guy who was just released from prison. All Ash wants is a chance to start over. He screwed up and he knows it, he’s going to have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life. But he’s stuck in Avenue until his parole ends, and no one, not even his own parents, wants anything to do with him. Nearly out of money and completely out of options, Ash takes the only job he can, helping Star haul stuff out of her mother’s house. Neither of them expects anything to happen between them, or for their lives to change. But sometimes meeting the right person is all it takes.
Review : Ash and Star where should I begin with those two. Maybe first with what I did not like so much – which was the ending of the book. During reading the story build up a certain pace, but then suddenly I felt rushed towards the end by some “things” happening. I would have liked it more if those “things” had happened with the same care that the author gave to the complete rest of the story. And I totally Disagree on something that happened during those “end-things” I am missing out on the justice of things (Yes I am totally trying to avoid any kind of spoiler here #laughing).
Hoarding is a really difficult subject and I liked that the author totally did not sugarcoat anything. I am not sure where the Name Star for this book character came from but to me she felt like a guiding Star for Ash. She was so strong and lovable, that she almost seemed unreal to me (not in a bad way) and Ash, well despite anything he might have done when he was younger, he was so strong, yet so sweet and vulnerable sometimes I just wanted to hug him and tell him it will be OK.
It still felt that what happened to him afterwards was even worse than the prison time itself. (I am again looking at the story conclusion and what I feel should have happened to a certain “other” person). But I guess the point was to show the injustice of it all and somehow the author managed that just fine. Together they were just perfect and their funny and witty dialogues just had me laughing many times ( I am thinking of this discussion about the serial killer that prefers a certain gender #hahaha)
Sadie Munroe’s writing is wonderful and I can only recommend this novel strongly !
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <
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