Title : The Art of Sin
Author : Alexandrea Weis
Series : N/A
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : Grady Paulson spends his nights pleasing a lot of women. The bump and grind of being a male stripper is getting old for Grady, and when his cross-country tour takes him to New Orleans everything changes. He meets Allison Wagner; a smart, successful woman who is all wrong for him, but Grady just loves a challenge. Sparks fly, and soon Allison has Grady rethinking his future. He wants to get out of the stripping game and settle down, but Allison is hiding a devastating secret that could threaten his plans. Will Grady finally break free from his seedy, sequined world or will her troubled past forever seal their fate? On Bourbon Street, temptation is the name of the game for all those who practice the art of sin.
Review : The Art of Sin by Alexandrea Weis is wonderfully placed in New Orleans. Even if I did not yet have the chance to visit that city personally – the author managed to create a picture in my mind that seem so vivid that I even googled some of the places and things she mentioned. What can I say – I was not surprised to see that they really existed.
Grady and Allison were a great couple. Their dialogues are funny and witty and I loved Grady’s quotes. I believe some of them will stick with me – as I found myself quoting them in the last days frequently.
The storyline is refreshing different from the novels I read lately, as Grady seems to struggle and look “lost” like Allison said, but still he knew quite fast what he wanted. He was an interesting character to read. I liked the authors writing style as it was very fluent and well developed.
Even all the side characters had enough development behind them to make the story feel really good.
I am looking forward to read more from this author – And I recommend to read that book on a hot day at a place with a beautiful view that lets your mind drift to the pictures of New Orleans.
> > > I have received this Book as an ARC from the Publisher < < < > > > In Exchange I promised an honest Review < < <
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