Title : Love on a Spring Morning
Author : Zoe York
Series : Pine Habour #3
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :Ryan Howard has zero interest in the movie being filmed in Pine Harbour or the high maintenance stars staying in the cottages at the end of his lane. He’s just barely holding on to the raw remains of his life and the fantasy world being concocted around him is, as far as he’s concerned, a complete waste of time and energy. The one bright light in his life is an intern on the set, Holly Cresinski, and their quiet conversations at the end of the day on his back porch. Holly hates her life, too, which is entirely unfair because she’s blessed beyond measure. She’s at the top of her career–as film actress, Hope Creswell–and surrounded by people that mean well. But Ryan makes her laugh, and cry, and before she can find the words to explain her deception, he kisses her.
Review : Love on a Spring Morning by Zoe York … wow… such an innocent name for such a great book. This book is the 3rd in the Pine Harbour series and it was my first. It can definitely be read as a standalone novel but after reading it I would recommend to read them in the right order for the full feeling. And I am going to catch up on this series too, so I will be prepared for the next part.
The author takes you into the conflicted world of a Ryan who lost his wife and is now left struggling to take care of his 3 little children. He can hardly survive on a daily base and does not need any additional “drama”. For an outsider on the other side Holly looks like she has everything – when she herself feels like she only lives to support her mother , her heart on the other side is empty .
I loved how Ms. York described Ryan’s world. It was refreshing that for once it was a man struggling to survive when normally authors tend to put woman in this position. All those conflicting feelings were presented in such a believable way that I could honestly feel for Ryan.
Holly on the other side was left a little less deep in her description. I could not really grasp her fully. I am not sure why, but I think its not that she was described less, its more that Ryan was described so deeply that Holly has to look shallower in comparison to him. And you know what … its OK !
Ryan’s world needs so much of the readers focus that it was only in the end when I noticed that I did not really know as much about Holly as I should know.
My only minor complaint is that after all the struggle and emotional rollercoaster I would have expected the end to be less abrupt. It felt to cool for all the emotions before.
In total this was a real emotional read and I can fully recommend it
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