Title : Fate Undone
Author : Linsey Hall
Series : N/A
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : A god in disguise – No one in the Prison for Magical Deviants knows that prisoner Logan Laufeyson has secret identity. He is the ancient trickster god Loki, in magical disguise on a mission of his own. A mission that will come to a sudden and disastrous end… The woman he’s never forgotten – Demi-goddess Sylvi has spent eight hundred years trying to forget her long-ago affair with Loki, which destroyed her dreams and got her banished from her home. When Loki escapes from prison and stumbles through her door with a problem that threatens both their lives, she must set aside her anger while trying to resist a passion she’s never forgotten. The fact that her magic can be enhanced by sex makes ignoring Loki even harder—especially when they must utilize her rare talent. A threat of ultimate evil – Thrown together, Loki and Sylvi must foil a masterful plot that threatens not only their lives, but every god in existence. It will take all of their power, and all of their long-buried love, to face the ultimate danger – or vanish and be forgotten forever…
Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone.
Review : Who does not love a story of second chances? And what happens when you add a good and generous portion mythology? Well you get Fate Undone by Linsey Hall and I truly believe you’re going to love that one. The characters are great and the writing is flawless. The story is an interesting balance between above mentioned mythology – second chance love and action … believe it or not. As it is the fifth book of this series, but my first to read I sometimes felt that I was missing certain things, so I would recommend reading the series in the right order.
> > > I have received this Book as an ARC from the Publisher < < < > > > In Exchange I promised an honest Review < < <

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