Title : Deal With The Devil
Author : Cynthia Eden
Series : Purgatory, #4
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : Eric Pate is used to making his own rules—as the director of the PARA Unit, he is the boss. Everyone rushes to obey his commands, and no one knows his secrets. No one ever gets too close to him. But then he meets her. Ella Lancaster is tired of being a prisoner. She escaped one hell just to find herself in another, though Eric doesn’t consider her containment with his agents as punishment. He actually thinks it is a form of protection. But Eric is so very wrong. Ella doesn’t need protecting, not for anyone or anything. When the PARA Unit comes under attack, Ella and Eric both find themselves battling a supernatural beast that they never expected. Forced to join forces, to make a deal, Ella and Eric are soon fighting side-by-side, and their attraction for each other can’t be contained or controlled. Hot. Wild. Consuming. Ella’s deal with her devil is soon taking over her life. And as Eric falls deeper and deeper under the mysterious Ella’s spell, his legendary control begins to crack. The beast that he has kept chained so carefully inside rises to the surface. Unfortunately, when the devil loses his control…there is real hell to pay.
Review : I am noticing a new habit of mine. I seem to like starting series at book 3 or 4 lately.
Well it can be an interesting way to find out if the author is really good I notice. Because IF he is… than he will capture you with the first few pages and even if you have totally no idea what is going on for at least a chapter you will continue to read.
Deal With The Devil by Cynthia Eden is such a book. It is the 4th in the serie and even if I managed to read it as a standalone – If you can avoid that – avoid it! – because I believe you will experience much greater reading joy when you read in the right order.
Anyway – given such a great auther it didn’t take me to long to understand what was going on and to get into the story. And from there on I fully enjoyed the ride. The writing is flawless and fluent and the characters are great.
I can now only hope that the previous novels can keep up with the high expectations they will be facing with me now #laughingBut somehow … I doubt that I will be disappointed
> > > I have received this book as an ARC from the publisher. < < < > > > In exchange, I promised an honest review. < < <

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