Title : Sorry I Wasn’t What You Needed
Author : James Bailey
Series : N/A
Rating : 2.5 Stars
Blurb :
Ten years ago, C.J. Neubauer fled his family, trading coasts to provide himself three time zones of buffer space. Random email and social media posts yield all the contact he needs. Until a late-night phone call from his wistful father. Unaccustomed to hearing his dad say “I love you,” C.J. freezes, vowing instead to reciprocate the next time they speak. But when the phone wakes him the following morning, it’s his older brother informing him their father has committed suicide.
Sporting a nagging conscience and a chip on his shoulder, C.J. books a flight home on his girlfriend’s credit card. All he wants is to bury his father and try to make sense of what led him to take his own life. All he has to go on is a note that reads, “Sorry I wasn’t what you needed.” Was it intended for C.J. and his siblings? The mother who walked out on them twenty-five years ago? Or someone else altogether?
Review :
When I asked for the ARC I had kind of an image in my head how this book is going to be. The blurb sounded good – including some touching elements intertwined in the story of a family whose life changed because of the suicide of the father. This is the story you got. Including the description of how the different characters cope together with the situation. This is something which can be the good basis for a good book. And it actually also is the case with this book. But I think the writing style made it difficult to connect with the story line.
Especially at the beginning it was difficult to get into the story. Not because the characters aren’t enough developed. More because it was in my opinion too much monologue. Actions which could freshen everything up. In the middle it got better. I rated this book with 3 Stars which is not bad at all. I just think that this book could have touched me even more if the writing style would help the reader to build up a connection in combination with more action.
Or perhaps it just wasn’t the right book I “needed” right now which is why I couldn’t connect with the story….. There are some really good passages in the book which really got me -some more of them and this book would have been even better(which is only my opinion).
> > > I have received this Book as an ARC from the Publisher < < < > > > In Exchange I promised an honest Review < < <
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