Title : Mindhealer
Author : Lilith Saintcrow
Series : Watcher, #5
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : The attacks are brutal, leaving the victims unconscious and broken. Circle Lightfall doesn’t even know who-or what-to suspect, so Caro Robbins, a Mindhealer who might be able to piece together what’s happening to these crushed bodies and shattered minds, is called in. Unfortunately, a Mindhealer is also vulnerable to the Dark-and Caro refuses even the idea of having a Watcher.
She won’t have another man die in front of her, and that’s that. The witch Merrick rescues from the dogs of the Dark is obnoxiously stubborn, infuriating, and seemingly determined to put herself in every dangerous situation possible. It’s enough to drive a man insane, and definitely enough to make a Watcher frustrated.
How is he supposed to protect her, especially when she insists she doesn’t need a Watcher? But Caro is going to need all Merrick’s skill and strength sooner than anyone guesses. The attacks haven’t stopped, and the closer Caro gets to solving the mystery, the more danger she’s in. Because she’s the next victim-unless Merrick can save her. And Merrick just might die in the line of fire if Caro can’t find a way to keep her Watcher safe.
Review :The Mindhealer by Lilith Saintcrow is the fifth book of the watchers series and I have to admit that I do not know the other books – so this was a first for me. I really liked the world that the author created but I had serious issues with Caro. I totally could not connect to her as she felt more like a child. Merrick on the other side is a pure male – so it totally needs magic to make this work for the reader and somehow it did not fully work for me. The writing itself is good and the storyline is intriguing therefore I do not regret the time I spend with this book. I just could not fully enjoy it. But still I think I will pick up the other books at some point to get a better feeling for this author.
> > > I have received this Book as an ARC from the Publisher < < < > > > In Exchange I promised an honest Review < < <

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