Title : Take Me
Author : J. Kenner
Series : Stark Trilogy, #3.5
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : I’ve long dreamed of my fairy tale wedding, but it wasn’t until I met Damien Stark—who captured me with his kisses and undid me with his touch—that I began to believe it was my destiny. Though we both carry secrets and scars, our shared passion heals us, binding us together. We have surrendered to each other completely, and our mutual ecstasy is the brightest light in my life. But darkness still snakes through the cracks in our armor. Ghosts from our past have moved in, bringing fresh pain that cuts deep and threatens to destroy everything we hold dear. Damien is my anchor to this world, and I am his. But if we are going to keep each other, we have to fight the shadows of our pasts to move forward into our future.
Review : *Short review for a short book* With “Take Me”, we finally get invited to te wedding of Damien and Nikki whose love seems to be stronger than everything else! This is what you feel troughout the whole book! It’s awesome to see how much they need each other and how much they support each othr which becomes obvious during every single interaction the share with each other. From the beginning almost to the very end, the whole story feels very natural. And the end,that’s exactly when the story lost its fith Star. If you think directly about the ending, it’s probably the perfect one considering their past. But when you are confronted the whole time with the preparations and all the things happening around them, you prepare yourself for a very “loud” ending. With this book it was the other way around. Like I said, it fits to their lives, but at the same time at the end there wasn’t the feeling I thought I would be confronted with. They stand up for each other …fighting against the things surrounding them. I hope that things which I missed will appear in the #3.6 of the Stark books.
Cliffhanger : (KLICK to find out)!!!
HEA? : Series still continues (KLICK to find out)!!!

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