Title : Step In To the Light
Author : Holly Blackstone
Series : Liliana Batchelor, #5
Rating: 5 Stars
Blurb : A scene and shared experiences appear to bring Lily and Stuart closer together, so how does he manage to still keep her at arm’s length? Disagreements lead to unfortunate consequences, startling revelations and then a decision. Is Lily right in thinking that when an ideal relationship is within arm’s reach, ‘pretty good’ just isn’t good enough? By risking everything, will she end up walking away empty handed? This is the CONCLUSION to the Liliana Batchelor Series. It contains descriptions of BDSM related activities, and an instance of sexual assault. PLEASE – do not read this book if you might find this offensive.
110,000 + words with bonus material, including a series song list and an extended excerpt of “A World Away”, book 1 in “The Void Chronicles”, a fantasy erotica series.
After reading the other books of this series, I was more than happy to finally read the last book.
Right from the beginning of this book, I was caught up in the Lily-Stuart-bubble.
It’s obvious how much their relationshop developed during the last books which is even more visible in the final book.
Not only the relationship, moreover the protagonists. Lily definetly got stronger and more self-confident which is something I really like. And then there is Stuart who drove me literally crazy! He was stubborn before…and special…and challenging…and overcautious…just himself. But in this book, there were so many scenes in which I really just wanted to shout at him(especially because of the talking-problem which you will get to know when you read the book).
Especially about the challenging part which is a very important part of the story as both characters seem to drive themselves crazy by trying to do what they want to do ,I literally got crazy. In combination with a lot of steamy, sexy and INTENSE scenes, you as a reader are just sitting in front of the book gasping for air. No wonder that I had to invend the “Stuart after-read hair” 😉 .
It was really really frustrating, but the same time you were confronted with the love you know that exists!
And not that their behavior isn’t enouth reason for trouble…there are still other characters like Megan who even makes everything more difficult.
I really like they way how the characters are intertwined and work out the story together even if there are some scenes in which I would have expected a different reaction. There are situations in which both protagonists decide to do some things which at first seem to be kind of not logical for the reader. But after thinking about these scenes some more, it seems logical-not only because the developent of their personality, also because of the things happening around them.
Seeing that sometimes even if it hurts, getting away can be better than confronting yourself over and over again. …
In a lot of books the female characters change everything in order to fit to the lifestyle or situations of the men which is not bad, of course, but it’s refreshing to see how there is a different way to cope with such situations. Cheers to the strong Lily!
Another point is the fact that it was also lovely to see different sites of the characters while being surrounded by other people like family. It was a joy seeing Stuart together with his family behaving like the little cheeky boy who is still inside of him.
And did I mention: Stuart in a kilt!?!?! Enouth said :D(I will never get this picture out of my head again….).
There are also some other aspects I thought about a long time. Scenes, in which things happened that could be perhaps a little bit difficult to identify with (scenes I won’t lay out at this point as it would mean spoiler alert). That’s something which happens with every book as every reader sees the book in a different way which is why I love to talk with others about them.
Even if in the situation, something seems “strange”, at the end it appears logical which let’s you accept things you haven’t seen before in the same way…
To sum up I need to say that I really liked this book and it was totally worth it to wait for its publication. It’s great to see that there are still authors who write what they want to write without changing things , because others don’t do it the same way. Rigth now, I am especially talking about their special relationship including the BDSM which plays an important role until the very end. After reading various books of this genre, the ending of this series really is something different.
So surprise yourself and read this book!

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