Title : Forever After
Author : Linda Poitevin
Series : Ever After, #1.5
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : Wedding bells are in the air, but single mom Gwynneth Jacobs and Hollywood mega star Gareth Connor are finding that the road to matrimony is anything but smooth. Each thinks they’re doing what’s best for the other, but with everything from the paparazzi to an overzealous wedding planner getting in their way, they may have lost touch with what exactly that is. With Gwyn developing decidedly cold feet over the whole event, can they reconnect with what’s truly important in time for their upcoming nuptials? Or will they have to face the possibility their lives may just be too different after all?
Review : After receiving the third book as ARC by the publisher and devouring it fast I was left with the need to discover the beginning of this story and to find out if the book I just read was a “one hit wonder” or the real deal. Therefore, after jumping to amazon and getting my own copy of the first books, I dove in and I have to say I was not disappointed.
The first books of the series were as good as the third one promised and I can only encourage every potential reader to read the books in the right order. It may not have killed me to know what would happen but it still would have been nice to get it in the right sequence. And (spoiler alert) I am sure the ending of the second book would have been cruel if I had not known about the third book already. And NO it’s not a cliffhanger – well at least not one of the usual kind. #wicked smile#. You need to read for yourself to find out.
The storyline is sweet and the writing is again flawless and fluent. The characters are wonderful so that you will fall in love with them eventually. And it was a wonderful idea to write the second book to basically complete the first one even further and create a bridge to the third one. I am usually not a big fan of those ” Point5 “ books as I call them but in this case it was useful and really helped the story. This series is a good and solid read and I can fully recommend it. I will have to keep an eye on this author as I am very interested to read more.
Cliffhanger : (KLICK to find out) !!!
HEA? : (KLICK to find out) !!!

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