Title : Bad Company
Author : Lissa Jay
Series : Company of Sinners, #1
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb : Please note that this book is intended for ages 18+. It contains violence, scenes of a sexual nature and a hot biker with a potty mouth. Scottish psychologist Doctor Kelly Ann Darrow loves her career and has never permitted her feelings to impact her professionalism, but when biker Cameron Iss arrives in her care, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the unconscious man. His tattoos and the mysterious circumstances of his arrival intrigue her to distraction. Cameron Iss awakes in a strange country with no memory of how he got there and no knowledge of who he is. He takes out his frustrations at his amnesia on the sexy doctor enlisted with helping him unlock his mind. A mutual chemistry forms between them, and Kelly is plagued with guilt at her unethical and inappropriate attraction to this, her most perplexing patient yet. As his memories begin to return and they discover more about his violent past and his connection with a motorcycle club in America, the element of danger both excites and frightens Kelly, and nothing can douse the erotic fire he has sparked inside her. Will Kelly risk her career, her reputation, and all she is for the man who has ignited a dormant passion within her or will his returning memories steal him away for good?
Review : There were many layers to this story. First of all let me mention that the storyline basically was very well developed and it included sufficient twists and turns to make the book an interesting read. The Development of the Story and the Characters is good and deep enough. The Writing is fluent and the Author pays attention to details.
We have the “male-lead” who may or may not be a guy named “Cameron” as he does not know himself who he is. In addition, we have our “female-lead” Kelly, who is trying to solve the mystery of our Guy with Amnesia, as he ends up as her patient. Surrounding this is the developing relationship between „Cameron“ and Kelly which is given the nature of their „Business” totally inappropriate.
While Kelly remains a predictable character, “Cameron” gives the reader Whiplashes with his behavior.
That may sound annoying but as a matter of fact it gave the story a certain element that separates this book from other books with similar storyline.
The plot had basically one flaw only to reach a five star value and that was the strangely explained “insta” attraction that Kelly felt for “Cameron”. The author paid so much attention to details that it’s basically almost a “sin” (pun intended) that the Beginning is kept so “flat”. On the first pages, I had to push myself through the story in the hope to find more than this annoying “insta” attraction. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with love at first sight … but the way its lately described in novels it seems far less romantic.
But once I left my mixed feelings concerning this “insta” attraction aside I could relate easily with the characters and the developing story
I will surly take a look at the next books of this series.
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