Title : Mistaken Hope
Author : Sarah Elizabeth
Series : Misjudged #5
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : They thought it was over. They truly believed they were living their forever and that nothing could come between them again. But, they were wrong. The past has come back and it’s threatening to destroy their happiness. Their whole future…for good. His love, the mother of his daughter is snatched away, and Brandon has only one thing left. Hope. The hope that he’ll be able to end their pain and suffering once and for all. Battles have been fought, and now it’s time for the war. The time to fight for the one he loves. It’s time to lay the past to rest. He’s willing to sacrifice his life for the person who is his reason to breathe, and he vows to fight until the bitter end. The day has finally come for him to fight for his forever, even if it means that this day will be his last.
Review : After finishing the 4th book of the Misjudged series, I was more than pleased to see that there is one more book dealing with the two main characters Brandon and Alexis. During these 4 books a lot happened. I would never have thought that in the last until now published book (there also is the novella “Holly” and a new one coming out) , there would be such an ending! In this book the relationship between the main characters Brandon and Alexis even is put under more pressure because of “some incidents”(I am not going to talk about it as it would mean spoiler alert). The way Sarah Elizabeth described the thoughts and actions shows how much these characters seem to have developed an even deeper personality. The ending left me shocked, surprised and also breathless. Everybody knows the feeling when you read a book and at first, aren’t really happy about changes of the plot. But I can promise you after reading and thinking about the book for a longer time, everything makes sense.
As well as the fact that you just need to fall in love with Brandon whose past influences not only his present, but also his future more than you might think.
Cliffhanger : (KLICK to find out) !!!
HEA? : Series still continues (KLICK to find out) !!!
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