Title : Misguided Truths Part One and Two
Author :Sarah Elizabeth
Series :Misjudged #3 and #4
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :1) Misguided Truths : Part One
Every story has its own beginning. His started when he set her a simple challenge. But, unbeknown to him at the time, this very challenge was the start to something that would change his life … forever. Music was his life. His reason to breathe … until he fell in love. Are you ready to hear Brandon’s story?
2) Misguided Truths: Part Two
Twenty year old BrandonTaylor has experienced many things over the past eighteen months. Things that most people will never have to endure in their entire lifetime. After spending time inside for a crime he didn’t commit, he arrives in Seattle with only one goal in mind; to find those responsible for ripping out his heart and taking away his freedom, ultimately turning his whole world upside down. His intentions are simple, or at least they were. With fate stepping in to play a helping hand on the night of the college ball, nobody could have preparedhim for the events that would follow. That one night was to change his life … forever. It was supposed to have been one dance, but that one simple thing leads him to feel things he never thought he would again. But at what cost ? Falling in love again was never on his agenda. Breaking another person’s heart had never been a part of his plan. Unable to control his feelings for the brunette who captured his heart, he was finally able to be happy and be the person he once was. That is until his past comes back to haunt him. Everyone is entitled to have their happy ever after. Will Brandon and Alexis get theirs? Or has their relationship been destined to fail from the very beginning?
As these two books belong to each other, I am going to review them together. In the 3rd and 4th book of the Misjudged series, the reader gets to see everything that already happened through Brandon’s eyes which lets the story appear even more emotional, sensetive and touching.
Normally turning a book into another POV is something which can be very boring and not pretty useful as you know about everything that’s happening. This is definetly not the case as it even feels like kind of a different stories told through a different set of eyes. Brandon is one of the most sensual and emotional characters I have ever met which made me even react more on the things happening.
In the first two books the readership was able to see and hear what Alexis sees or hears exept of some little parts in which we were able to get at least a glimpse of Brandons inner thoughts which is something I really would like to mention as a positive aspect. Brandon is an unbeliveable complex character you really should get to know.
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