Title : Holly
Author : Sarah Elizabeth
Series : Novella (#6 Misjudged series), can be read as a stand-alone, but contains some spoilers concerning the other books of the series
*It can also be read as the prequel to No Strings, a standalone full-length novel which will be releasing in late 2015.***
Rating : 4 Stars

Blurb :

This isn’t about what happened in the past. It’s about what I want in my future. I want to grow up. Find my feet. I just want to be eighteen. I have aspirations. Life goals. I also have an overprotective father. Then there’s Devon. I’m just a girl. He’s just a boy. The problem? Well, there really wasn’t one. We despised each other with a passion, until something changed. Hi, I’m Holly-Rose Taylor, and this is a story about the first time I fell in love.

Review :

*Spoiler alert* After reading five books of the Misjudged series, it was a logical consequence that I am going to read this one as well. In this book which can be read as as stand-alone(which I wouldn’t recommend as some parts of the book are even more logical when you know what happened before), we get to know more about Holly who is the daughter of Brandon and Alexis, the main characters of the Misjudged series. In this book we learn what happens with her and how she deals with her life after her mother and the wife of Brandon dies when she was a small kid. On these around 100 pages the reader is confronted with the overprotective “daddy” who just wants to protect his daughter, totally understandable as you know what happened at the end of #5 Misjudged. With Devon, the story gets more exiting and lively as he seems to cause trouble in Holly’s life.

I really love the way how Sarah Elizabeth described the father-daughter-relationship. This combined with Devon who seems to be not the guy everybody thinks he is, you dip into a new story that includes a lot of interesting attempts how the story could go on. At this point I want to explain why I rated this books with 4 stars and not five as it is in general again a book you just need to fall in love with. I am 100per cent sure that with the upcoming sequel, the impression will be a different one.

Right now, the story just feels kind of unfinished because we get to know a lot of important parts, but there is this special feeling I can’t really put into words.

If the author does what she did in the other books, I will overthink my rating.

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