Title : Hearts of Stone
Author : Inka Loreen Minden
Series : Guardian Wings, #1
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : wo forlorn souls, not allowed to love… a heart-melting and erotic love story about a witch and a gargoyle. His clan took everything from him and forced Vincent to live in the shadows. Shunned by his own kind, his only light in this darkness is a witch, Noir LeMar. Vincent is her secret guardian. He wants to touch her just once but he has been cursed by his clan – anything that he touches will die. Demons have wiped out Noir LeMar’s family. Since then, she’s been fighting a lonely battle. She does not know that she has a protector, who watches her day and night, while she tries to find her parents’ killers. To save Noir’s life, Vincent has to give up his cover. Although they are attracted to each other, both know they can never fall in love and feel passion. The consequences would be devastating. Can their passion survive the threat of death? For fans of erotic romance novels set in a mysterious environment. About the author: Inka Loreen Minden is a German author of erotic and paranormal romances and young adult books. She has so many pseudonyms that people call her ‘the multi-named woman’. Inka lives in Munich and shares her home with her husband and son. She has written more than twenty-six books—historical, contemporary, and paranormal—and her titles appear regularly on the German online bestseller charts.
Review : In Hearts of Stone the author introduces us to four lonley beings who could not be any more different. We meet Vincent and Noir, the gargoyle and the witch. Even if Vincent is destined to keep Noir safe, he is also sure that she will see in him just one of those beings that she needs to kill. Therefore he remains, burdened by a curse hidden in the shadows suffering because of his curse. We also get to know Kara and Ash, their lifes are further seperated, as she is an Angel and he is a Demon. Where most books have leading characters and supporting ones, in Hearts of Stone the reader feels that we have four equaly strong leads. Love knows no boundaries and so the reader is, from the first pages on, deep in the middle of a hot and steaming storyline. The story starts with jumps into several places and into different times and as it continues it slowly tied together and we find out that everything happens for a reason. Sex is not a subtle note in this at times rather dark story but always present in the front of all the action that is happening. The writing is fluent and I am happy to recommend this book to all friends of hot and steamy paranormal romances.
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