Title : Harkham’s Case
Author : Chanse Lowell
Series : Harkham’s, #1
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb : Adam Latham looks like any other charming, good-looking high school senior, but underneath, there’s a lot more to him than anyone could ever guess. He has an uncontrollable need for constant touch to ground him, to keep the numbers from invading his brain when anxiety gets the better of him. When Adam resolves to finally complete high school and get his diploma, the social demands amongst his younger peers prove to be much more challenging than he’d imagined. Lucky for him, his first class holds Marissa Cole, and she’s willing to let him hold her hand so he can keep control. Adam’s family sees him as a danger to himself if not strictly regulated, but to Mari, he’s a boy with the most pure soul—one so intriguing, she can’t resist him, and he quickly steals her heart. How will she cope when he invades her world and turns her life upside down, unearthing her own past traumas and issues? Will Adam find a way to help her find peace and forgiveness through love, or will their own problems keep them apart?
Review : I would like to give an complete review on the Harkham’s serie by Chanse Lowell – meaning all 3 Books at one time – as I feel that the storyline should not be seen seperatly but as one whole “Thing”. Harkham’s Case started out with a quite unique storyline – unlike any I have read before. And with unique I do not mean the Highschool – Boy meets Girl – story. Which I am sure you will agree with me is not very unique after all.
No I am talking about Adam
The Blurb tells you all about the story you need to know. Basically it already tells you everything. I agree that there are some hidden twists and turns that will keep you interested along the books, but basically there will be no “wow” effects that will “shatter” your world, even if the revelations you will face are huge. Maybe that is because the revelations are too huge. At least thats what it felt for me. While “Harkham’s Case” starts slowly evolving around the “getting to know” of the leads, “Harkham’s Choice” already drifts away a little. There are twists and turns that will keep your head spinning and “Harkham’s Corner” finally drops you in a storyline that will let you easyly relate to Adam himself. You really feel kind of confused about it all and people appear and disappear in such a fast rate that you have a hard time following. In the middle of the second book I was unsure if was going to finish the series as I felt the storyline slipping away with every page. But it was Adam bringing me back in focus. His character is so unique that he made me smile through all 3 Books. There is this way of how he sees the world that, if your are beeing honest with yourself, you can only admire. I found myself thinking on more than one occasion that anybody could be that flat honest with everything. It may be embaressing at many occcasions but it is somehow very liberating, so when you read the book, just think about this for a moment.
As I said the Blurb basically gives away most of the story – so any addition from my side would only take away from the few twists and turns – so I will not go into anymore details. It is a shame that the storyline went of trail to the end. No missunerstandings please – it all makes sense and everything works out as it is written, but it simply feels to me that it is to much. If you just take Adam, I belive his intriguing personality could have “done” it even better with a little less of the drama around him because even for a standard “normal” person all that drama would have been by far to much. I am aware of the “origins” of the story and I must say – If I had not read by accident about the origins – I would have NEVER noticed them.- Chapeau!! taking my hat off to Chanse Lowell for creating Adam –
Cliffhanger : (KLICK to find out) !!!
HEA? : Series still continues

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