Title :

Wicked Beautiful

Author :

J.T. Geissinger

Series :


Release date : December 1st 2015
Rating : 5 Stars
Blurb :

Life coach and best-selling author Victoria Price has it all: a successful career, fabulous friends, a fantastic penthouse in Manhattan. What she doesn’t have—and doesn’t want—is a husband. Fifteen years ago her high school flame broke her heart so badly she swore she’d never love again. Now she makes millions teaching other women how to be just like her: a ruthless bitch.Drop-dead sexy restauranteur and infamous playboy Parker Maxwell has only three rules for the women he dates: no questions about his past, no expectations for the future, and no spending the night. When he meets Victoria, however, he’s willing to break his own rules if it means sating the explosive desire she arouses in him. What he doesn’t know is that the alluring Victoria Price used to be the mousy Isabel Diaz, the girl he deflowered and dumped long ago.Presented with a perfect opportunity for revenge, Victoria decides the game is on. But when her connection with Parker proves more than just skin deep, she has to make a choice: continue with her plan for payback, or risk her career, her reputation, and her heart by taking a second chance on love?

Review :

After reading some of J.T. Geissingers books now I think (I hope) that I am getting a feeling about how she “ticks” as a writer.

So I felt quite safe choosing “Wicked Beautiful“ as my next reading subject. I was confident that I would like it judging from the plot. And I was right (no surprise here).
But I have to admit I was scared shitless that I would be facing something equally devastating as “Make me Sin” so I was actually stalling my reading. There were some twists in the book, that allowed the reader to stop reading and torture himself with what was supposed to happen next, for a few hours.
I could def. not take it longer than a few hours. I was somewhere between a rock and a hard place until I actually send a Facebook message to the author and got the confirmation from her that it would not be as devastating as the other book.
This was really a first for me – so you can judge what kind of impact her writing style has on a reader.
The special thing about this book was for me that there was actually nothing funny about the plot but I was laughing so hard at times that I had tears running from my eyes.
How does that go together you ask? It was the “inner monolog” that Victoria was having. I refuse to go into details but it was hilarious and had you laughing but if you just stopped for a second to think about the actual reasons and the source/base of those reasons … you felt like really crying or even being ashamed for laughing in the first place.
So again this author had my emotions, all over the place just like with her other books.
There are only very few authors that I came across so far that have the talent to write books in that special way.
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