Title:One Night
Author : Mia Sosa
Series:The Suits Undone #2
Release date:03 May 2016
Rating : 3 Stars
Blurb :


After some disappointing dates, Karen Ramirez has concluded that great sex is for other people. Especially since medical school won’t leave her much time for romance anyway. Then she runs into tall, dark, charming, and ridiculously wealthy Mark Lansing–and quickly reconsiders celibacy. Adding to temptation? Mark will be the best man at her sister’s wedding and the nuptial destination is sultry Puerto Rico. Now this trip might just be sensory overload–or the perfect chance for Karen to find the groove she’s never had.F
or CEO Mark Lansing, his perfect match would be smart, sweet, and funny, with long legs and silky hair the color of dark chocolate. In short, someone a lot like Karen. But Mark’s looking to settle down, while a relationship is the last thing on Karen’s mind. So Mark proposes a plan: he and Karen will use their weekend in paradise to sizzling advantage–before downshifting to friendship. The only problem? Karen is all Mark can think of when he gets home. Now his most challenging negotiation will be for the one thing money can’t buy . . .
Review :
I was happy to get my hands on an ARC of “One Night with the CEO” (The Suits Undone #2) by Mia Sosa. As I read “Unbuttoning the CEO”, which was the first book in the series – I already knew what to expect of the writing style and plotline. And I was not disappointed
But unfortonately after a great start the story itself did not develop the way I expected it. I was used to a certain pace and handling from the first book and this book felt very different to me. And as the same characters appeared in this book I was actually kind of shocked about the way Ethan and Mark were presented to the readers.
I guess they were nice enough yes and if I had not read the first book I might not have noticed anything. But I read it and I cannot erase that picture I have in my mind about those two. And the Ethan that is presented to the readers in this book felt like laundered with fabric softener. And Mark – OMG – he felt so “fluffy” #shaking my head.
I could not follow the scheme of their actions – because it was not consistent. If they do not want to be together because of certain reasons the reader should at least for a short period of time have the feeling that they are actually at least trying to follow through with their intents. But their inner monologues felt like they were only filling the pages without meaning.
And for that reason I could not summon up the right amount of feelings to empathize with the leading characters.
As I really liked the first book I now hope that the next book will fall back to the original spunk of the series
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