Title :

No Promises

Author :

N. Raines

Series :


Release date : 28th January 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

In high school, Sam Pennywell had a massive crush on Rick Russo. But he was her cousin’s boyfriend and strictly off-limits. Meeting Rick again years, later she can hardly recognize the man he’s become. As a paramedic, Rick’s career is all about helping others. But in the line of duty, he’s become one of the injured. He’s caught in a dark place he can’t escape on his own. He can’t make Sam any promises of love. Promises are too easily broken. Sam spends her life taking care of sick and homeless animals. She’s never met a stray she didn’t love, and Rick is the most important rescue she’ll ever make.

Review :

In her Novel “No Promises” the Author N. Raines drops the reader right in the middle of Sam’s and Rick’s life.

She tells a believable story of two people who find the rare chance to reconnect after loosing sight of each other for several years. Circumstances throw this unlikely pair together and we follow their developing relationship within the pages of this book.
The writing style of the author is fluent, flawless and she creates a comfortable reading atmosphere. If I were to complain about anything it would be the Blurb of this book. As it makes the book seem more dark than it actually is.
I picked it up thinking it would be a heavy read – which I was actually looking for – Instead I would describe it more as a sweet romance.
There are no big revelations within the developing story and most of the plot is pretty predictable but it is still a nice and easy read that I would like to recommend to you.
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