Title :

Just Once

Author :

Rebecca Brooke

Series :


Release date : May 19th 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :

A chance encounter changes everything. After the loss of his closest friend, and with a scheduled deployment closing in, the last thing Army Ranger Colin Dunham wants is to start any new relationship. But Joey, with her gorgeous eyes and blunt honesty, grabs Colin’s attention from the moment he catches her watching him from across the bar. He knows one night is all they can have. This mysteriously addictive girl ends up taking over every one of his dreams and nightmares, though, crossing the line of another night he’d rather forget.As dreams become reality, Colin steps in to protect Joey from a threat he never imagined. And when tables turn, it’s Joey who must protect him. Circumstances are never what they seem. Can just one night lead them to the other side of heartache?

Review :

For someone like me that just loves “wounded hero” or “scarred soldier” novels reading “Just Once” by Rebecca Brooke was like hitting a Jackpot

It was my first novel by this author and I really liked her writing style. It is solid and the characters are well developed.
Interesting is that Joey and Colin are equally vulnerable at times as they are strong at others. As a reader, I would have a hard time deciding who is the stronger character.
I really liked the dynamics of this close circle of friends and their dialogues felt believable for the situations they were in.
I think this book is a good example to show that guys like Colin that are made of hero material can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. And while they are vulnerable they still remain the hero they were – just a more raw version of it.
And Joey – well she is a great example for a woman working in a surrounding that expects her to be so strong and hard, yet she never louses an ounce of her femininity. In fact when she turns soft it seems so much more …
The two of them together are just perfect at any given occasion.
But also the supporting characters in this novel are great – while reading I could only think “those are REAL friends” …
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