Title:Jaq with a Q
Author :Jettie Woodruff
Release date:May 3rd 2016
Rating : 4 Stars
Blurb :
Subject – Jaq with a Q
* Wrong Number * Looking for hit-man * Want’s to die * Lost * No desire to be found * Paranoid * Anxiety * Released from mental hospital * Panic attacks * Nobody would miss her * In the eye of the beholder
Review :

I am a very confused reviewer at this moment. I came across a book with the name “Jaq with a Q” by Jettie Woodruff and even though it was on short notice – I was so intrigued by the Blurb that I decided to request a review possibility for it.

The Blub, which actually honestly isn’t really one – captured my attention on so many levels that I would not even know where to start explaining myself.
And now after reading the book I am more confused than ever, because this story is so different from anything that I personally ever read that I have no idea how to rate it honestly.
It was not at all what I expected it to be – and I would be afraid, that if I tried to explain what I expected that involuntary would spoiler on the actual content.
I was captured by the characters in the same way that I was repelled by them. My moral compass was working overtime on so many levels that I was shaking my head thinking what am I reading here. But in the same moment I could have never stopped and not only because I wanted to know where the story would lead. I wanted to understand.
This book could be read as a standalone, because not even the cliffhanger at the end is a usual one. Because – yes there is a sort of cliffhanger but on the other hand you would survive if you decided to not read the next book. I actually wonder what the author has planned for the next book. You can guess the outline from the plot of this book.
And then there was this one moment when I thought – if Oliver is really doing THAT – no matter how logically he explains it – I will close this book and it will be a DNF. But it was like the author knew not to cross this invisible line. –intriguing-
And if it would be a physical book – I guess you would have found me sitting with the book in my hands staring at the cover and then flipping pages forward and backward. It would be my attempt to find out the moment when this story changed.
In the beginning it was a scientific experiment of a bored over intelligent weird stalker with OCD’s on so many levels. Then I was uncomfortable, as there was suddenly a sexual component, that felt wrong on so many levels, that I have not enough fingers to count them. But suddenly it turned into a love story of 2 bend but unbroken persons.
And I was asking myself and my moral compass if this is right or wrong and I still am not able to answer that question.
If I were just to state the facts in the way the blurb is written and count them – my conclusion would be that Oliver is taking advantage of Jaq on too many levels to count. But if I take a closer look I am suddenly not so sure anymore.
At what point does a romance really start – what does it look like when someone falls in love. Can there really only be the common way? Who is to decide what is appropriate and what not? Do I dare being the judge over this ?
I do not think so … So I will go with my guts on this one. I will give it 4 stars – not because I like the way this romance is developing – no far from it – it is a doubtful way in my eyes – but those 4 stars are for an intriguing plot that made my question my morals and give things a deeper consideration.
Just this morning I read a quote (it wasn’t mentioned who said it unfortunately) that somehow fits this situation
“…some diseases are not about what is wrong with someone –
they are about what happened to someone”
And I think I want to find out what will happen in the second book …
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